One reality, where the sea and the city combine together harmoniously.

Four different connotations, united by a unique style of hospitality, attention to the guest, attention to details and passion for quality.

Services and comforts to live an experience who wants to be "different from the others", in the heart of Emilia Romagna, Bologna, and on the Italian Riviera, in Cesenatico.

All this has the brand "Mc Hotels Collection".

With us you will find the perfect place to enjoy a sparkling beach holiday, to ease your time on a business trip or to improvise "accidental tourist" in a weekend exploring the historic Bologna and the picturesque Cesenatico.

The wide open spaces you'll find in Bologna, will be ideal for any training and team building.

The warm and colorful in the SPA of Cesenatico will recharge and will repay every accumulated fatigue during the day.

Each hotel offers an excellent cuisine, local and international, able to please and satisfy every kind of palate.

The innate hospitality along to expert competence of our staff will guarantee an excellent stay and a memorable italian Holiday.