Charming Cesenatico

Experience the atmosphere of the old fishermen’s village, the sea, sport, entertainment and relaxation.

Its origins date back to 1302, when the harbour was dug out and a fortress was built to protect it. In 1502 Leonardo da Vinci designed the harbour, that is to this day the pride of this town. On 2 August 1849, from this harbour Garibaldi set sail with Anita and two hundred followers on fishing boats (Bragozzi) towards Venice, that was under siege. On the oldest part of the harbour the Museo della Marineria (Seafaring Museum) with ancient boats is testimony of the maritime identity of Cesenatico. Not far from this, one can admire the rooms of Casa Moretti (Moretti’s house), with everyday objects and original writings of the great protagonist of Italian literature of the twentieth century.

The town is much loved by cyclists for the specialised services it offers and for the internationally renowned cycling events. During the summer it is visited especially by families, for the calm and relaxed atmosphere that characterizes it.

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